Notice for users of the Golf Course

Starting Monday 19th August 2019, renovations will begin to revitalise the course. There will be an impact to golfers as our team works on the course to improve the playing surface, so please see the schedule below if you wish to plan around this period:


Starting Monday 19th August, fairways will be fertilised, have insect disease and weed management programs implemented, and vertidrained. This will be undertaken by one or two slow-moving tractors with implements.


Greens renovations start Monday 2nd September, finishing Friday 6th September. Greens will be cored and cleaned up over Monday and Tuesday, fertilised then topdressed (covered with soil) and rubbed in on Thursday and Friday. There will be an inconvenience to golfers, please be aware that staff will be working on the greens.


Starting Monday 2nd September,  tees will be cored, seeded, and have the cores rubbed back in, then fertilised. There will be minimal inconvenience to golfers.

Please note this schedule could change on any day depending on weather conditions and forecast, machinery issues, staff numbers, etc.

For any questions regarding this process, please contact the staff in the Golf Shop.