Those who like to sing, always find a song

– Swedish Proverb

Today we chat to our CEO, none other than ………Mr Anthony Lawrence!
Anthony started his career with Clublinks in 2012 after working in strategic marketing and research and he is known well for his business passion, strategic drive, jigsaw prowess and of course his love of V-logs and desire to be on the big screen! If you’re ever invited on to the V-log be sure to remember the sign off!
We asked Anthony a series of questions and here’s what he had to say.

Strictly Business
Big on planning and given his vast workload, Anthony likes to allow sufficient time to sit back and think before starting projects or meetings, “even if you only have 5-10 minutes it is still worth it”. Good idea Anthony!
A true people person, Anthony is proud of the team for already hitting the 2022 goals for client and staff satisfaction – the focus now is to maintain and get even better results! As smart leaders do, Anthony loves seeing people try new things outside of their comfort zone and succeeding – he says, “It’s the best part of the job. We can often underestimate how important challenges are, they always help us improve and evolve.”
It’s been a tough year in 2020 but Anthony has been delighted by the Clublinks team response to COVID impacts – “the attitude and performance of all was simply outstanding”.

A little more personal
An enthused entertainer, Anthony says if he could snap his fingers and become an expert in something, it would be singing solo with a guitar! He even tried singing lessons, performed in a concert – the video tape didn’t lie… it was terrible – but the desire to be a rockstar keeps niggling. A true sports fan and an enthusiastic sportsman, if Anthony could trade places with anyone for a day, it would be Roger Federer – “I’d just play backhands all day – it’s a thing of beauty” he says!

Just for Giggles
Now if anyone knows Anthony well, they will definitely know he’s a huge Essendon supporter! Anthony looked a little sheepish when asked what fictional place he’d like to visit with the response “Windy Hill after the next Essendon Premiership would be nice” – sadly that does seem a little fictional doesn’t it Anthony!
As a true Clublinksinian, Anthony has an always-on approach, available to help the team, bounce ideas and challenge Clublinksinians to be the best they can be, whilst still maintaining his down to earth approach and love of a beer and a laugh on a Friday night! “It’s always Friday somewhere in the world isn’t it?”
Thanks for reading………..that’s a wrap!