Clublinks is proud to announce the launch of its new naming conventions for golfing Tee Boxes, to be based on ability and experience at its managed site Centenary Park Golf Course in Frankston, VIC.

This initiative is a direct result of aligning with Golf Australia’s national strategy to provide a more embracive and inclusive experience. Accepted norms of tee boxes based on gender, level of skill or hitting distance – especially to new and inexperienced players – find this type of messaging quite negative and overwhelming.

To provide a more enjoyable golfing experience, Clublinks has made the bold decision to challenge these accepted norms and rename the tee boxes.

Designed to provide a more inclusive environment for golfers of all ages and abilities, the new naming convention removes all golf dependent knowledge AND outdated gender-based naming conventions.

By challenging these norms and removing all gender and ability focused communications we can provide a more inclusive, fun and enjoyable experience for golfers of all ages and abilities – young and old, new to the game and experienced golfers.

Tees will be known as ability-focused rather than gender-specific:

Ladies – Red Community – Red
Men’s – Blue Adventure – Blue
Men’s – Black Challenge – Black


Not only are the tee boxes re-named, but the different levels are also given commentary on signage placed around the course to provide education around how to engage with golf dependent on ability and experience.

CEO of Clublinks Anthony Lawrence said that the company was thrilled to be proactive thought leaders in this space by challenging the status quo and are constantly working to develop more inclusiveness and golf opportunities to people of all ages and abilities.

“The research clearly shows that the perception of golf is changing. To support and develop the game we need to change with it. Clublinks specialise in operating community hubs where golf is played, and this renaming project aligns perfectly with our vison to open and connect with more of the community and welcome people of all ages and abilities to experience and enjoy golf more at Centenary Park Golf Course.”

Visit Centenary Park Golf Course for more information.