Clublinks proudly manages Moore Park Golf Course, one of the busiest golfing facilities in Australia.

As part of a recent review of digital transformation, our team has been busy working on a marketing automation project to ensure the effective capture of customer leads and therefore conversion. Being such a busy environment, enquiries come in daily and from many sources. To ensure the best bang for buck, Clublinks has partnered with EnquiryBot to deliver the platform to consumers.

EnquiryBot is a fantastic software tool which has been developed to impact lead conversion in business. Because it’s easy and quick to use, visitors are favouring this form of contact over phoning directly or submitting web forms.

Mark McLennan, Venue Manager, Moore Park says “when people phone or email the course, we do our very best to answer them in a timely manner, every time. However, this isn’t the best way of managing multiple enquiries for us, nor does it allow us to keep a diary of conversations with customers to tailor our messaging effectively. Using EnquiryBot, gives us an advantage of better data insights so we can service our clients with knowledge and ensure they are pre-qualified, and we can help before we call or respond back.”

Rowena Thomasson, Marketing Manager for Clublinks says “this is a really exciting time for our business and will enable the technology to be used as a trial at Moore Park, with a view to roll across to other golfing clients shortly. With over 60K people on our database at Moore Park, this tool will allow us to better manage leads, converse with customers, deliver outcomes and provide an overall superior customer journey.”

Adam Smith, Global Sales Director for EnquiryBot adds: “We’re delighted to partner with Clublinks at Moore Park Golf Course and are looking forward to being able to extend this technology out at other Clublinks sites across the nation.”

In a competitive and challenging time, technology is key and being able to deliver this efficacious tool to enhance customer experiences demonstrates Clublinks’ commitment to being at the forefront of advancements and enabling our clients to ‘shine bright.’