Understand themselves better and how they can maximise their own potential.

This is the ultimate objective of the Future Leaders Program run by Clublinks Senior Management, which is currently running its pilot program.

The program aims to equip staff with the skills we need in our business including “The Clublinks Way”.

An innovation by GM of Corporate Services – Kate Klein, the Future Leaders Program was born through Kate’s years of experience and background in training and development and a strive to help people achieve their goals in business, which ultimately will have a positive effect on business objectives and growth.

The program consists of nine modules, ranging from management and leadership, to strategy and values, project management, finance and marketing. Each module is delivered in a 4-hour block once per month, with a final presentation on a project of choice covering the majority of modules, delivered at the conclusion of the program.

Presenters use a variety of teaching techniques including interactive quizzes, activity sheet learnings and pre-reading distributed prior to the session to ensure all attendees are on the same level of knowledge when entering each session.

When asked for the background on how the program is structured, Kate indicated that the initial program format was originally pitched to be delivered by an external facilitator. However, upon reflection, the team saw a huge benefit in getting the various counterparts together and having senior managers involved in the development of people.

“The way we run this program – yes the people are developing but so are the senior leaders that put the session together. I think forming those relationships help both parties in the future.”

The format and delivery of the program is just another example of Clublinks living by its motto to always “shine bright” with the final presentations giving participants the opportunity to really showcase their development and how they are shining bright in their day-to-day work. This platform might mean a tap on the shoulder for a career progression opportunity in the future.

Prior to commencing the course, each participant is asked to complete a profiling document which looks at understanding self and highlights dominant and passive traits and innate behaviours. This assists in shaping developmental journeys and what leadership areas might need greater assistance and focus on.

“Completing the self-discovery assessment is a good opener which when we completed one-on-one sessions to review, it allowed people to understand self a little more and enable us to set goals together.”

When participants were asked for feedback on the program, Kate indicted that it had been overwhelming positive from both participants and presenters alike.

“I think everyone has been appreciative of the fact there is the opportunity there presented to them (both presenters and participants). Some senior leaders have even asked to be more involved as they got a real buzz from presenting and spending time with our future leaders, and that is what we want”.

The Future Leaders program for 2021 will conclude at the end of August, with final participant presentations. Plans are already in the works for program rollout in 2022, with key team members already putting their hands up to be considered a Future Leader.

“I have enjoyed the interaction and detail that each session has involved, and it has been excellent learning from industry leaders. I am looking forward to putting the content into practice moving forward.” Sam – Venue Manager.

“It’s helped me self-evaluate how I interact with different parts of the business, what I do well and what I can improve on – and somethings caught me by surprise.” Alex – Accountant.

“Being involved has made me feel valued and enabled me to connect with Clublinks staff from all states, which has enhanced my sense of community within our organisation. Overall, it has been extremely beneficial for my professional development and helped kickstart my career in management.” Mat – Operations.

You can learn more about Kate and the awesome work Clublinks are doing for clients here.