ClubLINKS' origins date back to 2002, when the first company in the Group was incorporated to assist establish Sanctuary Lakes Resort.

Since then, the ClubLINKS Group has grown to include golf management, community administration, business services, telecommunications and private security. We have clients who are based in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

In 2008, ClubLINKS' Chief Executive Officer Mark Brayshaw bought Links Living Ltd's shares in the Group. Then in 2011, he bought the remaining shares held by the PGA of Australia (in ClubLINKS Golf Management Pty Ltd) and Sandhurst Golf Estates Pty Ltd (in ClubLINKS Telecommunications Pty Ltd). The ClubLINKS Group is now wholly owned by companies associated with Mark Brayshaw's family.


The ClubLINKS Group has adopted three Core Values, upon which its operations are founded.

The first value is Fairness, which dictates how we operate as an employer, service provider, client and member of the community. We're reasonable, open-minded and not afraid to admit when we're wrong.

The second value is Professionalism. Each member of our staff is selected based on being well-suited for the role and on the expectation s/he will be "individually impressive" and joining a "collectively formidable" team. We innovate and continuously learn for the benefit of our clients.

The final value is Reliability. We acknowledge we are well paid to perform a service, so it's important for us to meet commitments we have made. We use plain language. People can trust us.

Vision Statement

ClubLINKS' vision is to be Australia's leading Golf and Residential Community Manager, with:

1. Superior commercial returns for our clients;
2. High quality service; and
3. Great people.

Mission Statement

ClubLINKS' mission is to provide outstanding golf, great living and well-managed assets at golf clubs and residential communities throughout Australia. The company aims to take very good care of complex businesses.

Corporate information

A number of companies make up the ClubLINKS Group. Our key trading companies are:

ClubLINKS Pty Ltd, ACN 103 902 996, trading as ClubLINKS Business Services and
ClubLINKS Communities;
ClubLINKS Management Pty Ltd, ACN 099 690 301;
ClubLINKS Telecommunications Pty Ltd, ACN 114 234 338; and
ClubLINKS Security Pty Ltd, ACN 117 662 745.


PGA National Office
600 Thompson Road
Sandhurst VIC 3977

Contact details
Phone: 1300 880 809
Facsimile: (61 3) 9639 2244


We employ approximately 60 staff across the Group.

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